The Supervisory Board.

According to German Co-determination Law, the Supervisory Board of Mercedes-Benz Group AG consists of twenty members, of whom ten are elected by the shareholders and ten are representatives of the employees.

The core functions of the Supervisory Board include the control and monitoring of executive management, appointments to the Board of Management and the approval of the Operative Planning and important corporate decisions.

The Supervisory Board has elected Dr. Martin Brudermüller as Chairman and Ergun Lümali, Chairman of the Corporate Works Council, Mercedes-Benz Group AG, as Vice Chairman.

Employee representatives listed below are marked *

The Supervisory Board of Mercedes-Benz Group AG
Overview Dr. Martin Brudermüller Ergun Lümali* Michael Bettag* Ben van Beurden Nadine Boguslawski* Liz Centoni Dame Polly Courtice Sebastian Fay* Marco Gobbetti Michael Häberle* Dr. Doris Höpke Timotheus Höttges Olaf Koch Gabriela Neher* Michael Peters* Stefan Pierer Pia Simon* Professor Dr. Helene Svahn Monika Tielsch* Roman Zitzelsberger* Committees Remuneration

Honorary Chairman.

Dr. rer. pol. Manfred Bischoff.