All about IT@Mercedes-Benz

All about IT @Mercedes-Benz.

From FOSS, containerisation and API architecture to clouds and DevOps – if you are familiar with these terms, you've come to the right place. Are you interested in IT, digitization and software topics and would you like to help shape unique digital systems and state-of-the-art technologies for the world's most valuable luxury car brand? Then find out more about IT at Mercedes-Benz.

As a car manufacturer, it is no longer enough to produce only beautiful or sporty vehicles. New technologies, the focus on sustainability and the changing needs of our customers have triggered a fundamental change in our industry – for Mercedes-Benz, one particularly central strategic aspect is digitization. With the aim of becoming 100% digital, we are bundling together all of the activities that make our company more digital and we are adapting our processes along the entire value chain accordingly. In this way, we will be faster, more efficient and at the same time more sustainable, with everything from production to distribution – plus our customers will be amazed by the excellent level of service they receive.

One example is the Mercedes-Benz Operating System (MB.OS), which will enable an impressive software experience in comprehensively digital vehicles: MB.OS is our own data-driven operating system that software developers around the world are working on. In 2024, the system will be successively installed in our vehicles. For more information about MB.OS and the Electric Software Hub in Sindelfingen (Germany), see the link below, as well as our page on the topic of artificial intelligence.

Sustainably shaping digital transformation

Sustainability and climate protection are a key topics of the corporate strategy of Mercedes-Benz Group AG. Mercedes-Benz's IT organization plays a central role in this. There are two areas of focus: On the one hand, the IT organization is to become CO2-neutral by 2025, for example through the consolidation of our data centers. On the other hand, IT is an active driver of CO2 reduction within the entire Mercedes-Benz Group. Since IT is present in all areas of the company, measures flow directly into the entire organization. All in the spirit of Green IT.

For example, IT provides applications and software that make it possible to record, measure and document energy consumption and measures for optimisation. The Mercedes-Benz Group regularly measures and evaluates the main energy consumption in order to identify and exploit potential savings in production and infrastructure.

Furthermore, opportunities have been created to measure basic information such as the CO2 footprint of our cloud usage as well as the effectiveness of data centers.

Mercedes-Benz is pursuing the aim of creating the most desirable vehicles in the world

Vehicles, which embody luxury, high-end technology and sustainability – that is what Mercedes-Benz is all about. Together with our technology and software experts, we offer our customers a digital product portfolio of services and systems for an exclusive driving experience – both online and offline, because ease of interaction and added value for our customers are our top priorities. Our teams, subsidiaries and our training and study opportunities, which focus on a wide range of IT use cases, are always keen to interact with experienced or prospective IT specialists. Find the right job for you at Mercedes-Benz in our job search .

More IT @Mercedes-Benz

As 100% subsidiaries and strategic partners of the Mercedes-Benz Group, the following companies are product data experts and for example work on software solutions for our vehicles:

Mercedes-Benz Tech Innovation  develops technological innovations, digital products and future-oriented software solutions and sets new standards in car connectivity and the digitization of vehicles and sales.

With over 1,200 employees in Ulm, Stuttgart, Berlin and Karlsruhe as well as in their project hub in Kuala Lumpur, Mercedes-Benz Tech Innovation is not only a trustworthy partner and strategic ally, but also the largest software development subsidiary of Mercedes-Benz. What unites MBTI employees? Their enthusiasm for innovation, the passion for modern technology, an agile mindset and the clear goal in mind: the transformation of Mercedes-Benz towards "100% digital".

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Data is their DNA, technology their passion. Mercedes-Benz Tech Motion  determines and delivers the most desirable data solutions on the basis of product data. As the data virtuosos of the Mercedes-Benz Group, they bring data and technology into motion with over 650 employees at the Leinfelden-Echterdingen, Böblingen and Ulm locations within Germany, where they turn product data into the ultimate digital and virtual luxury experience.

With pioneering spirit, expertise and passion, they shape data experiences out of data and revolutionize the world of data in the vehicle – be it with the digital twin, in product data management or through virtual engineering.

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The  mission is to ignite and build digital solutions by forming a tribe of digital enthusiasts that drive the digital future of Mercedes-Benz. Therefore, the company develops software and technology for our digital platforms. Their main products are the Mercedes-Benz Website worldwide, the e-commerce platform, digital services and after-sales solutions.

With a growing Tribe of over 500 MB.ioneers, offers 100% flexibility, meaning you can choose to work from home, within the borders of Germany or Portugal, or from one of their four offices in Stuttgart, Berlin, Lisbon or Braga.

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MBition  is bringing the automotive industry into the future by building a new generation of infotainment platform that is reusable and hardware agnostic, as well as its implementation into our actual car lines. By implementing interfaces that future drivers will engage with, from sitting in their cars, planning their journey to choosing their favorite music and many more.

To fuel this mission, MBition is looking for ambitious, enthusiastic and driven minds to help build the state of the art software that pushes their innovation further.

They are an international team of over 650 Employees, who value quality, creativity and believe in teamwork. Together they create passionate technology on exciting topics that include navigation, infotainment systems, location-based services, user experience and interaction.

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