The Mercedes-Benz Supplier Portal is Mercedes-Benz' main platform for communications with its suppliers. The Supplier Portal stores all information and IT applications of relevance for suppliers on an interdisciplinary basis across specialist units and worldwide.

The Mercedes-Benz Supplier Portal  offers a public domain as well as an access-protected domain for registered users.

In the public domain, for example, you can apply to become a new supplier for Mercedes-Benz, if you are a supplier from the non-production material areas (no vehicle components) and are interested in working with Mercedes-Benz.

In the access-protected domain, which can be accessed only with a User ID and a password, you can find easy-to-use personal applications and news. Standards, supplier terms and conditions, and manuals are available in the Download area. In addition, registered users can run their work processes related to the cooperation with Mercedes-Benz through applications on the Supplier Portal.

All suppliers of Mercedes-Benz AG with a valid supplier number can register free of charge.

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