Nadine Boguslawski

Stuttgart. Supervisory Board of Mercedes-Benz Group AG – Employee Representative. First Authorized Representative of IG Metall Stuttgart

Elected until: 2028. Appointed since: 2021. Nationality: German.
Nadine Boguslawski.

Nadine Boguslawski, born in Göttingen in December 1977, completed training as an electronics engineer and specialized as a REFA industrial engineer. She was active as a youth and trainee representative and Works Council representative. She has been active in the trade unions since 1997 and has worked for IG Metall since 2008 - initially as a trade union secretary in Hanover and Mannheim, and later as a collective bargaining representative in Baden-Württemberg. Since January 2019, Nadine Boguslawski has acted as first authorized representative of IG Metall Stuttgart.

In previous years, she has served as employee representative on various supervisory boards, among others at ElringKlinger AG and Robert Bosch Automotiv Steering GmbH.

Nadine Boguslawski is currently a member of the following other legally mandatory supervisory boards and comparable supervisory bodies:

  • Mercedes-Benz AG (group mandate)
  • Robert Bosch GmbH