Mercedes-Benz Intellectual Property.

Mercedes-Benz Intellectual Property.

What is it that actually makes a company valuable? If you asked an investment banker, he would probably point you in the direction of market capitalization. If you ask a recruitment consultant, the answer would be, without any doubt: the employees. Of course both of them are right – but each of these factors also only represents one element of what determines the success of a company. Of at least equal importance is the "DNA" of an organization – all the patents, brands, designs and domains that convey an image to the outside world and are the guarantors of technical progress. Protecting this DNA is therefore one of the most important responsibilities of a company. We, the team at Mercedes-Benz IP, are the ones who shoulder this responsibility on behalf of Mercedes-Benz Group AG, its independent divisional entities and subsidiaries.

Just one example of our work: time and time again we come across illegal Mercedes-Benz counterfeits on the internet, offered for sale to unsuspecting customers by product pirates. This situation can be particularly dangerous when safety-relevant parts are involved, such as counterfeit brake disks. The inferior quality of such counterfeits could endanger the life of our customers. One of the key areas of our work is therefore the tracking down of bogus safety-relevant replacement and service parts.

Working closely with our inventors, we ensure that their innovations result in industrial property rights (IPR) for our products. Together with the specialist departments, we investigate whether the IPR held by third parties could hamper our own plans. If necessary we will apply to license rights from third parties and – where this makes sense – will also issue licenses ourselves. We check offers from external patent holders for suitability for use within our Group. Where cooperations with suppliers or other OEMs are concerned, we ensure the correct legal framework from an IP standpoint. In short: We smooth the way to securing the freedom to operate, along with exclusivity.

What we do

We safeguard intellectual property on behalf of the Mercedes-Benz Group.
We ensure that our Group respects the rights of others.
We uphold our intellectual property rights against unauthorized use.
We defend our Group against legal action under protective rights legislation.
We offer a comprehensive consultancy service on all issues that relate to IP law.
We assist with the issuing of licenses to third parties or with the sale of industrial property rights such as brands, patents, designs or domains.

In order to protect our brands, patents, domains and designs, we take responsibility for the IP rights – from the application for rights covering inventions through to the issuing and/or registration. Respect for the rights of third parties is central to the active marketing of the products and services of the Mercedes-Benz Group within the global production and sales network.

IP Portfolio:


patents, brands, designs and domains

Without this protection and management of our patents, brands and designs, Daimler would not be as successful as it is today. With this in mind, it is our aim to protect and manage to the best of our ability the intellectual property used within the Group as well as the innovations with which we continue to delight customers all over the world. And thereby also to add to the continuing success story of our company, now more than 130 years old.

Mercedes-Benz Intellectual Property GmbH & CO. KG

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Intellectual Property

Intellectual property.

Intellectual property is an asset whose protection and management is a top priority.

The car with the fake brake pads (above in the picture) has a significantly longer braking distance.

Zero tolerance for counterfeiters.

Trend towards trading in counterfeit products on online platforms further increasing.