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Our knowledge today determines our success tomorrow. That's why Mercedes-Benz Learning supports the individual professional training of our employees - from digitization to electromobility, from beginners to experts, from a small thirst for knowledge to academic degrees.

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Mercedes-Benz Learning supports our employees and managers in constantly bringing their knowledge and skills up to date.

To do this, we used a worldwide network of best-in-class partners. The foundations for our program and seminar concepts are developed centrally for the entire Group - for the highest level of topicality and quality.

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With the Mercedes-Benz Academic Programs, we are making a long-term investment in our employees. Because our company can only grow when the knowledge of its managers and employees grows too. With Mercedes-Benz there is the possibility - regardless of age and at any stage of your professional development – to study, or do an academic certificate with financial support.

There is a great variety of courses to choose from, covering innovative subjects at established universities. The courses are taken on a part-time basis and can lead to a Bachelor's or Master's degree or academic certificate.

Mercedes-Benz assists the studies financially and provides a structured support program. This includes training courses e.g. comprehensive personal support, networking events and a buddy program.

Once the course is completed, students will have widened not just their knowledge but their network. Sponsored study with the Mercedes-Benz Academic Programs is an investment in the future – for our employees and for the Group as a whole.

professional development

Professional development.

Training for success.

Get ahead personally

Get ahead personally.

More knowledge. More skills.

specialist development

Executive development.

Supporting and developing talent.