Hybrid work

Hybrid work at Mercedes-Benz.

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Mobile working has become an integral part of the world of work in the digital age. With a hybrid working model, we at Mercedes-Benz offer a modern workplace with a dynamic and variable mix of face-to-face and mobile work. Be it in the company, at home, on the road or in another place - our employees have the opportunity to work mobile if it is compatible with the task.

Katharina Walla, Market Manager in Sales

"I think it's great how well mobile working works and how much trust there is in the team. Of course, mobile working also saves time, so I can effectively use the time I spent in the car driving to work for other things.

On site, I benefit from the personal exchange with colleagues, with my manager, as well as with neighboring teams."

At Mercedes-Benz, hybrid working means optimally combining the advantages of mobile working with those of presence at the workplace. On the one hand, the company can become more efficient and sustainable, for example through fewer business trips and face-to-face meetings. On the other hand, employees benefit from less commuting, greater flexibility and a better compatibility of different areas of life.

Managers and their teams work together to design the hybrid working model. Attention should be paid to business and personal needs - the company supports this with appropriate digital design processes, training and training documents. Based on trust, personal responsibility and self-control, the work tasks are then carried out in the place where they can best be done.

Mercedes-Benz is a pioneer in mobile working: Since 2009, there has been a company agreement on mobile working, which was extended in 2016. Since then, all employees have basically had the right to work up to 100 percent mobile if this is compatible with the respective task.

Dr. Christian Kobetz, Manager Lidar, Ultrasonic and Microphone System in Research and Development

"Working in the office is very important, especially for spontaneous agreements, goal finding, but also for social contacts and creative tasks. This helps with coordination and strengthens our cooperation.

However, some topics have to be dealt with in a focused manner, such as checking release documents or writing specifications. Concentrated work is better from home.

From my point of view, hybrid working is therefore a successful concept for a good balance."

Mobile work - also from abroad

For even more flexibility and self-determination, our employees in Germany can also work mobile in other European countries for private reasons, if the work task makes this possible. The offer is valid for employees of the Mercedes-Benz Group and participating subsidiaries in Germany and includes mobile working on up to 20 working days from various countries in Europe.

Antonia Fantozzi, Market Manager Human Resources

"I really enjoy the possibility of working from abroad for a few weeks, which means from Italy. This opportunity is a great benefit for employees like me, who decided to move to Germany, but continue having family and friends in another country.

The pandemic has changed our lives and our way of working profoundly. As much as I like to go to the office, meet colleagues and work in teams, I also like to maintain a close link with my native home, with my family, my friends and my cat :)

Being able to work and therefore stay a little longer in Italy, makes me very happy and I feel lucky for this opportunity. This is what I call luxury!"