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Our People Principles.

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The future of mobility is electric and digital. A lot of people are saying that this is the biggest change since the invention of the automobile in 1886. At Mercedes-Benz, we are doing all that we possibly can to shape this transformation successfully – and not just that, but to actively drive the process forward and emerge stronger from it: with the most desirable products, but also in the way in which we work together. In other words: our aim is to bring about a cultural transformation as well as a technical transformation.

Sustainability, integrity and diversity form the basis for the way in which we work together. They provide the foundation for trusting, appreciative and thus effective teamwork.

Only when every individual in the company is able to bring their own personality to bear on what we do, and we understand all team members as an important part of the whole, will we – together – be able to bring about the transformation of our company.

Our eight People Principles define how we work, communicate, lead and interact with one another. They all have one thing in common: they put people at the centre.

These eight Principles include:

  • Agility: The ability to adapt quickly to changing circumstances.
  • Empowerment: Trusting and inspiring each other.
  • Co-Creation: A willingness to engage in creative collaboration.
  • Driven to Win: The aspiration to strive for the best.
  • Customer Orientation: The desire to inspire our customers again and again.
  • Purpose-Driven, Pioneering Spirit and Learning.

With an eye to the future of mobility and the transformation of our industry, we would like at this point to turn the spotlight on the last three of these Principles and present them in more detail.

We lead by creating meaning. We deliver results based on shared beliefs, act on the basis of integrity, motivate others and inspire them to perform at their best.

How do we go about this? ?
We show our appreciation and contribute to the team's sense of togetherness. We make the background to decisions and tasks transparent, take responsibility and create a culture of respectful collaboration. We encourage others to think about creative solutions. In doing so, we keep an eye on the big picture and act as role models.

We shape our vision of mobility in the future with creativity and a spirit of research. Through our creativity, our ingenuity and our ability to take advantage of new business opportunities, we are successful in the long term.

How do we go about this?
We apply strategies, methods and new technologies to good effect in order to successfully drive change. We question the status quo and actively look for innovative alternatives. We actively research new developments and trends that are relevant to the future success of the organisation.

We learn quickly and actively ask for feedback. We are constantly evolving - as individuals and as an organisation.

How do we go about this?
We share our accumulated knowledge and experience. We deal responsibly with mistakes and use them as learning opportunities. We give and ask for feedback from different perspectives and have the will to develop ourselves and others.