For Daimler, compliance, integrity and legal responsibility are inseparable from our daily business activities.

Compliance, Integrity and Legal Affairs.

For our company, compliance, integrity and legal responsibility are inseparable from our daily business activities.

The tCMS intends to provide our employees with orientation and guidance.

“We do not leave our engineers alone”.

Interview with Renata Jungo Brüngger and Markus Schäfer.

Preventing and fighting corruption are central topics of our compliance work.

No Chance for Corruption.

Together On the Right Track.

Data security.

Data Compliance Management.

Responsible Use of Data.

Dr. Jürgen Gleichauf

Managing Legal Risks for Products.

Interview with Dr. Jürgen Gleichauf.

Renata Jungo Brüngger, Member of the Board of Management of Mercedes-Benz Group AG, Integrity, Governance & Sustainability. Photo: Mercedes-Benz Group AG / Photographer: Michael Dannenmann

Acting Responsibly.

Compliance, Integrity and Legal Affairs in Day-to-day Work.

With our technical Compliance Management System, tCMS for short, we want to ensure the legal and regulatory conformity of our products.

Technical Compliance.

Complying with Requirements in Product Development.

The car with the fake brake pads (above in the picture) has a significantly longer braking distance.

More and more counterfeit products via online platforms.

The global trade in counterfeit Mercedes-Benz products continues to increase.

Our Compliance Management System (CMS) comprises basic principles and measures to promote rule-compliant behavior in the company.

Our Compliance Management System.

Promote Compliant Behavior Throughout the Company.

In Brazil, Japan, South Africa and the USA, a BPO hotline is also available.

Whistleblower System BPO.

Report Rule Violations.

Only those who are familiar with the legal requirements, internal regulations and processes as well as the applicable standards are capable of acting responsibly and being compliant.

Fit for Compliance.

Success through Training.

Our Code of Conduct makes it clear what we mean by integrity, which rules apply to all of us and which principles guide us in this respect.

Our Integrity Code.

Doing the Right Thing.

For us, integrity and compliance are the basis for a trusting partnership and cooperation.

Compliance of Our Business Partners.

Our Shared Responsibility.

More Information.

Renaming Mercedes-Benz Group AG marks completion of realignment.

10 Years Advisory Board for Integrity and Sustainability.

Challenging and encouraging, weighing up and giving feedback – and being in dialogue at all times.

Mercedes-Benz Concept CLA Class – Exterior

Sustainability Report 2023.

Create value that is sustainable - economical, ecologically and socially acceptable.