Initially, DRIVE PILOT will be available in Germany within the next year.

How Mercedes-Benz is shaping the future of luxury and efficiency.

Insights into key innovations that will define software-driven cars

Digital and sustainable innovations will be the number-one USP driving desire in the future of luxurious individual mobility. Customers are increasingly viewing luxury through the lens of values and benefits that extend beyond physical experiences. They are seeking priceless commodities such as time and want to show responsibility with their choices. As the leading luxury car brand, Mercedes-Benz is consistently driving the luxury experience to new levels. This includes giving it new meaning for the electric and digital age – achieving more with less. Driven by the innovative spirit firmly anchored in its brand DNA, and by its strategic goals of "Lead in electric" and "Lead in car software", Mercedes-Benz is pioneering the electric and digital transformation of the global auto industry.