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Holiday jobs.

What are the requirements for a holiday job? Close

If you are interested in a holiday job with the Mercedes-Benz Group, there are various requirements you must meet:

  • be at least 18 years old when the contract is signed,
  • have good written and spoken German language skills,
  • be a student, pupil or in the bridging period to start an apprenticeship, federal voluntary service/voluntary military service or your studies.
When will I receive a response? Close

Our goal is to give you a quick feedback. Due to the high number of applicants and changing demands, some letters of acceptance might nevertheless be sent out shortly before the planned deployment (possibly only one week before the planned deployment). Please note that we are not always able to take your desired starting period into account. This can occur especially with long availability periods.

We therefore ask for your patience. In any case you will receive a feedback via e-mail from us. Please also check your spam folder.

I would like/must change my application data Close

If you would like to change your application data, e.g. changed availability period, please make the change yourself in your user profile.

How does the application process work? Close

After submitting your application you will receive an e-mail with your applicant number. This confirms that we have received your application. After receiving your application, your details will be checked and compared with the demands of the individual sites. Please be aware that this process may take some time.

After a detailed examination of your documents, we will send you an e-mail to confirm whether or not you are eligible for a holiday job during your desired period.

If we are able to make you an offer for a holiday job, you will receive a letter of acceptance via e-mail with a request to send us all relevant data via an online form - the so-called Onboarding. Please have all payment-relevant data (tax ID, social security number, bank account, insurance, etc.) ready. In addition, you confirm the assigned time period of your holiday job via the Onboarding form.

Once you have completed and submitted the Onboarding form, the next step is the personnel admission event, where you sign your employment contract and receive initial instruction.

If we are unable to offer you a holiday job, you will also receive a feedback via e-mail.

I cannot find a suitable job advertisement Close

If you do not find a suitable vacancy, we do not offer a holiday job in this site, unfortunately. Please check the job offers regularly for new vacancies. You also have the option to subscribe to our job newsletter, so that you receive new job openings directly via e-mail.

Onboarding Close

What is the onboarding for?

During the selection process, you will receive two onboarding requests.

During the first onboarding, you will receive an email with your assignment details and a link to confirm the offer and provide us with further information.

For the second onboarding, you will receive another email with tasks (onboarding salary) about two weeks before the start of employment. In this onboarding, you will submit all salary-relevant information. Please make sure that you have these documents and certificates. Since some certificates take time to obtain from the respective authorities, we advise you to request them promptly.

What pay-related information is requested in the onboarding salary?

• National Social Security Number: You must provide this so that the social security declaration can be correctly transmitted to your health and pension insurance.

• Tax identification number: This is necessary to determine your family tax class. In case it is not provided you will be settled with tax class 6.

• If you are a cross-border worker (resident in France), you do not need a tax ID. We will send you the 5011 form, which will enable us to apply for tax exemption at the tax office. This process can take two to three months to be completed; meanwhile the tax will be included in your statement.

• Bank account details: Please provide this information for the monthly payment transfer.

• Health insurance: In the case of compulsory social insurance, we are obliged to register you with a statutory health insurance fund.

Do I pay social security contributions?

The requirement for short-term employment (social security-free) is a pupil or student status, which you also have to prove to us (certificate of enrolment, school certification in German or English). Furthermore, there is a limit of 70 working days or 90 calendar days, which you may not exceed.

For further information, please refer to the Minijob-Zentrale (Minijob Central Office ):

Which health insurance is required for holiday workers or do I remain covered by family insurance?

In case of short-term employment, you remain covered by family insurance. If the criteria are not met, we have to register you with a statutory health insurance fund (employment subject to social security contributions).

I have not received a confirmation of successful onboarding

The successful completion of the onboarding will be shown to you directly in the system via a completion page.

Make sure that you have clicked on the field "Absenden".

I do not have all the required data

Onboarding can only be completed with complete data, please have this ready as previously announced. In some cases, documents and certificates (e.g. a certificate of subsequent enrolment) can also be submitted later. Please send these to

Which "status" do I have to select in onboarding?

During Onboarding, your status at the beginning of employment is requested. Please select your appropriate status from the choices given, for example, as a school graduate "I am in a gap year status" (separate enquiry about what you were/plan to do before and after the holiday job will follow).

Personnel admission event Close

Do I have a personnel admission event?

Depending on the department, it is important and obligatory for every applicant to attend a personnel admission event. Please refer to your letter of acceptance to find out if you are required to attend a personnel admission.

Can I change the date of my personnel admission event?

In Onboarding you have the possibility to refuse the personnel admission appointment assigned to you. If you do so, please write an e-mail to the address from which you received the letter of acceptance and state an alternative date or time period where you can be present. Please note that it is not always possible to meet your desired date. However, please do confirm the period of employment for which you have been scheduled, should it fit.

If you have already filled out and submitted the onboarding form and wish to change the date afterwards, please send an e-mail to the address from which you received the letter of acceptance. Please also state an alternative date or time period.

What do I have to bring with me and how long does a personnel admission event take?

A personnel admission event can take up to four hours - depending on the department, the number of participants and whether you are scheduled for a training immediately afterwards. Please plan your day accordingly.

Please bring your identity card and the printed letter of acceptance with you, which you have to show at the entrance of the department. This letter will also contain all the necessary information for you.

I no longer have my letter of acceptance

Please write an e-mail to the address from which you have previously received e-mails or to the address mentioned in the job advertisement. The letter of acceptance will be sent to you again.

Additional Questions Close

What tasks will I have as a holiday employee?

Your tasks can vary greatly - depending on the department in which you are deployed. We offer holiday jobs in departments such as gastronomy, production and logistics as well as in administration.

Can I interrupt my holiday job, for example because I have already booked a holiday?

No, unfortunately an interruption is not possible. Please state an availability period in your application during which you can work continuously.

Can I take time off for university events or other commitments?

In general, all absences must be coordinated with the manager.

You cannot take time off for information or compulsory events at your university or other events. Annual leave or overtime must be taken for this purpose. If that is not possible, there is the option of unpaid leave. Please contact your manager for this.

Can I choose a shift?

Unfortunately, that is not possible. With your application we assume that you are willing to work in any shift. Of course you can indicate your preferred shift in your application or with your manager; however, there is no guarantee that this will be taken into account.

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