Climate and environment at Mercedes-Benz.

Climate & Environment.

A fully electric fleet of vehicles: With this vision, we are committed to climate protection and air pollution control. In our “Ambition 2039” we have set ourselves the target of making our fleet of new passenger cars net carbon-neutral over the vehicles’ entire life cycle by 2039.

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We take a holistic approach to climate protection: Our goals cover all stages of the automotive value chain - from technical development to the extraction of raw materials, to production, service life and recycling. For us, the Paris Agreement on climate protection is more than a commitment - it is a conviction.

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Our strategy.

Our Goal: We will build the world’s most desirable cars.

CO₂-reduzierter europäischer Stahl.

Supply deal with H2 Green Steel.

Mercedes-Benz signed a supply agreement with H2 Green Steel over 50.000 tonnes almost CO2-free steel per year.

Low CO₂ aluminium at Mercedes-Benz.

Low CO₂ Aluminium.

Together with its partners Mercedes-Benz is working intensively on the decabonsation of its aluminium suppy chain.

Mercedes-Benz procures CO2-free electricity.

Mercedes-Benz to source CO₂-free electricity from 2022 on.

More about the unique green power concept.

Mercedes-Benz against illegal deforestation.

Against deforestation.

Our activities in the leather supply chain.

Mercedes-Benz Climate Transition Action Plan.

Climate Transition Action Plan.

Our action plan for decarbonisation. How the transformation succeeds.

Mercedes-Benz EQE.

Green Finance.

ESG at Mercedes-Benz: Investing sustainably.

Supplier Ambition Rating for Sustainable Supply Chains.

How we determine the sustainability score of our suppliers.

Mercedes-Benz diesel.

Mercedes-Benz and Diesel.

Information on Diesel engines, emissions and the mobility of future.

Corporate environmetal protection.

Our measure for a net-carbon neutral and environmental production.

Environmental statements.

Environmental statements of our plants.

The Mercedes-Benz plants participate in the Eco-Audit System (EMAS).

Environmental Check at Mercedes-Benz.

Environmental check.

Environmental check of Mercedes-Benz Cars.

Mercedes-Benz Concept CLA Class – Exterior

Sustainability Report 2023.

Create value that is sustainable - economical, ecologically and socially acceptable.

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Questions about Sustainability.

Suggestions, compliments, criticism? Please feel free to contact us.

Mercedes-Benz EQS.

Sustainability at Mercedes-Benz.

At a glance - here you can find our sustainability report, our strategy, news and insights.