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Recall for certain Mercedes-Benz diesel car models with the Euro 5 emissions standard (2019 and 2020).

Last year, Germany’s Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) sent Daimler AG an administrative order for the company to recall specific variants of the Mercedes-Benz GLK 220 CDI 4MATIC model with the Euro 5 emissions standard. Daimler stated at the time that the functionality objected to was included in various model series and announced a review in cooperation with the authorities. Here is an overview of the current situation:

GLK administrative order from June 2019

Last year, the KBA issued a recall notice for the GLK 220 CDI 4MATIC with the Euro 5 emissions standard (“GLK administrative order”). Approximately 41,000 cars are affected by this decision in Europe, of which about 22,500 are in Germany. Production of the vehicles in Europe ended in June 2015 at the latest.

After receiving the GLK administrative order, Daimler stated in June 2019 that the functionality in question was included in various model series and announced that a review would be carried out. This review took place in full cooperation with the KBA, with the implementation of an extensive and time-consuming measuring program.

Extended administrative orders 2019

Already in 2019, Daimler notified the KBA of further car variants in the context of the review process, and the authority issued extended administrative orders for approximately 17,000 vehicles in Europe (including about 10,000 in Germany). As already reported, these vehicles are the GLK 200/220 CDI 4x2 with the Euro 5 emissions standard and certain older versions of the E 250 CDI 4 MATIC model with the Euro 5 emissions standard.

Also in connection with the GLK administrative order, the KBA issued an order in the fall of 2019 for the predecessor model of the current Sprinter and for older vehicles of the Vito/Viano model (after facelift/model upgrade) with the Euro 5 emissions standard. An article on this subject can be found here.

Extended administrative order June 2020

In June 2020, the KBA has now extended the existing GLK administrative order to apply to further specific model variants of the A- and B-Class (engine OM 640) and the C-, E- and S-Class (engine OM 651) with the Euro 5 emissions standard. Production of these vehicles ended in August 2014 at the latest. The extended administrative order affects approximately 170,000 vehicles in Europe of which about 60,000 are in Germany. The company does not anticipate an additional impact on earnings as a result of this KBA extended administrative order.

Mercedes-Benz customers do not have to do anything for the time being. If their model variant is affected by the recall, they will be informed in writing about the further procedure.

What is the position of Daimler and Mercedes-Benz?

We continue to cooperate fully with the KBA and will implement the measures ordered. In our view, however, the functionality in question is permissible. We are therefore appealing against the administrative orders in order to obtain clarity on technically and legally complex issues.

Since 2018, Daimler has been carrying out mandatory recalls as instructed by the KBA, during which software updates are installed. Further information on the recalls can be found under this link.

(Published in July 2020)

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