Diesel gas cap.

Service measures and recalls involving software updates at Mercedes-Benz in Europe


Mercedes-Benz is developing software updates for almost the entire fleet of Euro 6b and Euro 5 diesel vehicles in Europe. These updates improve the nitrogen oxide emissions of the vehicles in normal operating status by 25 to 30 percent on average. In this way, the company is helping to further improve air quality.

As early as 2017 Mercedes-Benz announced that it would offer voluntary service measures that would include software updates for several millions of diesel vehicles in Europe. The company has since then extended this update campaign. As is well known, Mercedes-Benz has also been carrying out obligatory recalls — during which software updates are applied as well — at the order of Germany’s Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) since 2018. An overview of the recalls can be found below.

Customers can click on the following link to an online tool  to determine whether their vehicle is affected by a recall or the voluntary measure.

Customers in Germany are also being notified in writing as soon as a software update is available for installation in their vehicle and asked to make an appointment with the nearest service partner.

It goes without saying that the workshops conduct this measure free of charge. The vehicle will have to spend about an hour in the workshop.

Diesel-related recalls:

Further information about the individual recalls can be found by clicking on the following links:

In order to obtain clarity on a very complex matter, Mercedes-Benz is appealing against the recall notices. Independently of the legal clarification of this matter, Mercedes-Benz will implement the mandated recalls, continue to cooperate fully with the authorities, and create transparency.

Update September 2020