Only those who are familiar with the legal requirements, internal regulations and processes as well as the applicable standards are capable of acting responsibly and being compliant.

Success through Training

Fit for Compliance.

Making the right decisions in day-to-day work requires knowledge of compliance, integrity and the law. This is why we provide our employees around the globe with support in form of a specific training program. We also inform our business partners on current requirements.

Training for Our Employees

Only those who are familiar with the legal requirements, internal regulations and processes as well as the applicable standards are capable of acting responsibly and being compliant. For this, we have developed our global, comprehensive training program on integrity and compliance. We use it to provide our employees with the support they need to overcome even difficult situations and minimize compliance risks. At the same time, we are thus establishing a basis for ensuring our employees act with integrity and compliance over the long term. To this end, we regularly review our training program, adjust or expand it as needed and subsequently evaluate the trainings.

We support our employees worldwide with a specific training program.

From Theory to Practice: Our Web-based “Integrity@Work” Training Program

Integrity@Work – a target-group oriented, online training program – is available to all our employees in the Group companies. In addition to a basic module, the training program includes a specific module for managers as well as expert modules for various areas of compliance. Examples include trainings on antitrust law, human rights, data protection, technical compliance and benefits in kind as well as on function-specific topics in areas such as procurement and sales.

The trainings are practical and include exemplary cases and complex situations from everyday work. Our office employees are required to periodically complete the modules relevant for their role and function. Factory employees can complete the web-based training program voluntarily.


Participants in the web-based basic module „Integrity@Work“
In 2020, a total of around 150,000 participants from different hierarchy levels completed the basic module of our web-based training „Integrity@Work“. It includes topics like integrity and compliance as a competitive advantage, corruption prevention, protection of free competition, protection of personal data, human rights and tip-offs of rule violations.

In Direct Exchange: Classroom Trainings

The web-based trainings for our employees are supplemented by classroom training sessions worldwide that also explore various subject areas related to integrity and compliance. We provide our trainer network with modular training documents and materials for this, such as trainer guidelines and explanatory videos.

Our employees in the compliance and legal organizations are regularly trained by experts on new developments in their respective field of compliance or legal. We also use a special onboarding program to familiarize new employees in our integrity, compliance, and legal affairs organizations with their new tasks.

Our Shared Responsibility: Raising Awareness among Suppliers and Sales Partners

We clearly define our compliance requirements not just for our employees, but also for our business partners, since integrity and compliance are a precondition for trusting cooperation. That is why we support our business partners by providing special modules on integrity and compliance.

Our web-based “Compliance Awareness Modules” help suppliers and sales partners tackle potential integrity and compliance risks such as those relating to fair competition, data protection, human rights, technical compliance or dealing with corruption risks. In the modules, we explain the expectations we have towards our business partners and provide information on legal requirements and ethical standards.