Electromobility advocacy group.


With its "Electric only" strategy, Mercedes-Benz is on its way to an emission-free future. In order to successfully manage this transformation, it is also necessary to set the right framework conditions through politics. The electromobility ecosystem must be attractive for users.

An important component of this ecosystem is the charging infrastructure. Here, the availability of public charging infrastructure is crucial for customer acceptance of electromobility. Charging is or will be the new refuelling. But there's even more: The new, sustainable mobility is not measured in horsepower, km/h or seconds - the unit of the future is efficiency.

Plug-in hybrids are an important bridging technology on the way to "electric only" and are already making a contribution to real CO₂ reduction today.

As an internationally active company, equal opportunities, diversity, openness and respect are some of the fundamental convictions of Mercedes-Benz. We show this in the way in which we think, act and communicate. Wherever possible and appropriate, we use gender-neutral language. In principle, all the terms selected of course include all genders and identities.