EQ @Web.

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Only see what interests you: “EQ@Web” provides our customers with a tailor-made user journey.

What is EQ@Web?

EQ is the product and technology brand of Mercedes-Benz in the area of e-Mobility. EQ@Web consists of the EQ relevant areas on the international and national websites of Mercedes-Benz Cars. This includes web content such as product information and pictures as well as interactive EQ specific Single Page Applications (SPA) such as the EQ Route Calculator, the EQ Charging Time Calculator or the Wallbox Pre-Check.

What is our target?

Customer-centric product design and constant product optimization!

We guide the customer by individually presented relevant content and next best actions (NBAs) which guides the user towards our EQ Registration platform or directly to a retailer.
By means of this targeted approach, conversion rates towards our NBAs can be increased by more than 100% which has a direct impact on sales.

How do we work?

The analysis of thousands of daily visitors by using several analytics tools is the basis of our work.
This analysis and the use of multivariable tests gives us the opportunity to learn which offers fit best to which customer and which offers are generally the most successful.
Using AI technologies to correlate events and customer behavior, the accuracy of our systems and customer satisfaction can be significantly increased. This method is based on the newest data protection laws – we respect the online privacy of our users.
The results and success of our agile development team are monitored in dedicated KPI (Key performance indicators) dashboards that are available to internal key decision makers.