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Eye-to-eye communication: We enable intelligent customer interaction through speech- and chatbots like “Ask Mercedes“.

Anytime, anywhere and through a variety of channels: Bots take customer interaction to a new level. They offer immediate help, combining an intelligent dialogue technology with the latest speech-to-text (STT), text-to-speech (TTS) and natural language understanding (NLU) technology.

At Mercedes-Benz, we have built all that technology into one platform which serves as an enabler for chat- and voicebots across all business units, channels and services. The modular approach using various AI technologies from vendors like IBM, Microsoft etc. allows multiple ways to enrich and combine bot content. The centralized platform also ensures a cost efficient and fast realization of individual solutions whilst leveraging the synergy potential from dozens of other bots.

Use cases range from intelligent FAQ and support functions to feedback and self-services. Recently we developed and piloted an appointment booking and status tracking voicebot to support our retail partners.

Ask Mercedes was the first bot launched on the Conversational Intelligence Platform. It provides a combination of a chatbot and augmented reality within a mobile application (Android/ iOS). Ask Mercedes answers questions about the usage of the car. Base for that is the information provided via the car owners manual. It enables customers to explore their car in a playful way and showcases the features of their car.