Corporate Citizenship.

As a corporate citizen, we drive social cohesion and environmental sustainability, directing resources beyond our core business activities to the world we live and work in.

We are part of the global ecosystem. Beyond our core business activities, we are committed to the preservation of the natural foundations of life. We stand for a society in which human rights are respected, education moves for a better future and discrimination has no place.

As a global company and as a luxury brand we bear a great level of responsibility towards society. We can only be successful if we operate in an environment where people can lead a good life as they see. With our social commitment, we want to make tangible contributions to the common good – worldwide. We have now further refined our Corporate Citizenship strategy with a clear focus on promoting environmental sustainability and social cohesion. We are convinced that access to education in these areas will be crucial in encountering the great challenges of our time and contribute to greater stability, prosperity and social cohesion. This is grounded in the belief that genius and creativity are evenly distributed around the world – while opportunity is not.