Helpers on site.

A question of attitude

We help when disaster strikes.

Mercedes-Benz helps in areas where the exceptional situation prevails with targeted support. Because disaster relief is a question of attitude for us. We maintain a network of long-term partnerships with major international organizations or donate to regional organizations as needed to respond directly to crises and provide targeted support on the ground.

In addition to monetary donations and the provision of Mercedes-Benz vehicles for the transport of relief supplies or for evacuation, we have also organized campaigns for employees – this has enabled us to make a targeted contribution to disaster relief in the past.

Example: Humanitarian aid in the Middle East

In October 2023, Mercedes-Benz donated one million euros in total to the aid organisations German Red Cross as well as United Hatzalah to make a contribution to alleviate the suffering of civilians in Israel and Gaza. In November, the company expanded its contribution to humanitarian aid on the ground with an additional donation in the amount of one million euros to the German Red Cross. The German Red Cross, in cooperation with its sister organizations the Palestinian Red Crescent (PRCS) and the Egyptian Red Crescent (ERCS), is organizing humanitarian aid for civilians. United Hatzalah as well as the Red Cross are both reputable organizations with a long standing record of helping people in need.

Example: Support for people in need in the earthquake zone

Following this year's severe earthquake in southeastern Turkey and in Syria, Mercedes-Benz was able to help people in need as a result of the disaster with a donation of one million euros to the German Red Cross (DRK). With a fundraising campaign by our employees and a dedicated website of the DRK, almost 100,000 euros have been raised. The company doubled the amount to a total of 200,000 euros. In addition to emergency aid, the DRK will continue to be involved in the regions in the future.

In the event of a disaster, fast and targeted support is essential.
In the event of a disaster, fast and targeted support is essential.

Example: Help for the people of Ukraine

Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, Mercedes-Benz has supported people in and from Ukraine with a variety of activities. Cash and in-kind donations for Ukraine aid amount to more than seven million euros in total. Mercedes-Benz donated one million euros to the German Red Cross (DRK) to support humanitarian aid on the ground. In addition, a further donation of two million euros was made to SOS Children's Villages International, which provides trauma-informed teaching in Ukraine, among other things. In addition to these cash donations for humanitarian aid, the company presented 64 vehicles to the German Red Cross, Caritas and SOS Children's Villages International in close coordination with local aid organizations.

Numerous national and group member companies around the world also made donations and showed their solidarity with the people in and from Ukraine: The help ranged from donations of goods and food to assistance with transporting refugees and supplies.