Digitalization advocacy.


Digitalisation is a key driver of the transformation of the automotive industry. It will not only redefine the way we develop and produce vehicles, but also how our customers experience vehicles and mobility. For us, digitalisation focuses on added value for the customer as well as security and sustainability. To achieve these goals, a reliable regulatory framework is a basic prerequisite.

Positionpaper Digitalization and value creation.

Positionpaper: Digital value chain for sustainable and customer-oriented mobility.

Position paper Connected Driving

Positionpaper: Connected driving for more safety on the roads.

As an internationally active company, equal opportunities, diversity, openness and respect are some of the fundamental convictions of Mercedes-Benz. We show this in the way in which we think, act and communicate. Wherever possible and appropriate, we use gender-neutral language. In principle, all the terms selected of course include all genders and identities.

Responsible Advocacy.


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Democracy needs transparency.

Climate Protection.

With the ambitious goals of our "Ambition 2039", we at Mercedes-Benz are clearly committed to climate-neutral mobility.


With its "Electric only" strategy, Mercedes-Benz is on its way to an emission-free future.

Trade and Investment.

For Mercedes-Benz, the international exchange of goods and services is of high importance.