The Mercedes-Benz V 250 d.

Software updates work

Fact 2.

We are convinced that rather than imposing driving bans, we should be sustainably lowering NOx emissions using other means.

Mercedes-Benz is particularly in favour of software updates, as these allow the NOx emissions behaviour of the majority of Mercedes-Benz Euro 5 and Euro 6 vehicles in Europe to be improved by an average of 25 to 30 percent in normal operation. All in all, we offer software updates for over three million vehicles in Europe – around one million of them in Germany.

As early as the start of October 2018, we announced that we would take part in a hardware retrofitting programme. As part of this programme, Mercedes-Benz will under certain conditions bear the cost of hardware retrofitting by a third party to a maximum amount of 3000 euros (incl. VAT) for their customers with Euro 5 diesel vehicles in priority regions in Germany. In 2018, we also made our financial contribution to the mobility fund ("Clean Air Immediate Action Programme") of the federal government as agreed. In addition, we have taken other local and regional measures, especially in the Stuttgart region.

With all of these measures, Mercedes-Benz makes a major contribution to rapidly improving the air quality, especially in cities, even further – with the aim of preventing our customers from being adversely affected by driving bans.