The German Bundestag.


Democracy needs transparency. That is why the Mercedes-Benz Group provides information on the type and scope of its lobbying activities in the Lobby Register of the German Bundestag, in the Transparency Register of the European Commission, and in comparable registers in other countries.

An overview of the memberships relevant in connection with political advocacy is available in the Lobby Register of the German Bundestag. The Mercedes-Benz Group Climate Policy Report also provides information on the positions we are taking.

The careful weighing of arguments, interests and consequences is not only the basis for responsible decision-making, but also essential for our democracy. §47 GGO (Joint Rules of Procedure of the Federal Ministries in Germany) provides a basis so that affected associations can also participate in legislative procedures. As a member of industry associations (such as the Association des Constructeurs Européens d'Automobiles and the Association of German Automobile Manufacturers) and cross-industry associations (e.g. Business Europe and the Federation of German Industries) the Mercedes-Benz Group brings in its interests and arguments into the political and public debate.

As part of our collaboration with associations, platforms and think tanks, we also participate in the political and public debate and increasingly support the global Sustainability Goals of the United Nations and the observance of Human Rights.

As an internationally active company, equal opportunities, diversity, openness and respect are some of the fundamental convictions of Mercedes-Benz. We show this in the way in which we think, act and communicate. Wherever possible and appropriate, we use gender-neutral language. In principle, all the terms selected of course include all genders and identities.