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Project Manager.

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As a consultant with project management experience, an engagement manager or a case leader in an external strategy consultancy, you will join our company as a project manager and be fully responsible for your own projects via-a-vis top management. At the same time, you will become familiar with Mercedes-Benz AG in all its facets, and will make contact with important decision-makers in the Group. Developing a large network within Mercedes-Benz AG is the basis of your further development as a manager in the Group. No matter if you are an experienced young professional, we will support you from day one with on and off-the-job training in your personal and professional development as a manager in our unit or in the company. Experienced partner from Mercedes-Benz Management Consulting as well as a mentor from the company will be there to help you with your personal development and your career planning.

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- Excellent academic qualification (ideally complemented with an MBA or PhD)
- At least 4 years' relevant professional experience at an international strategy consultancy, in the automotive sector, the Group strategy unit or other relevant industries
- Excellent consulting / industry expertise in the automotive environment
- Experience as a manager and a project manager
- International experience gained through time spent abroad (several months)
- Fluent in German and English

- Exceptional analytical and conceptual skills.
- Well-developed ability to grasp complex facts and present them
- High level of communication and presentation skills (esp. with regard to decision makers and top management)
- Exceptional ability to work in a team as well as commitment and flexibility

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As a Project Manager you will develop strategies and approaches along with your team for the top management of one of the most successful mobility companies in the world. You will be faced with the challenges of one of the fastest changing sectors and be responsible for your own projects. You will act as a trusting point of contact for our clients and will be responsible for the further development of our consulting team.

- Developing new strategies and approaches for decisive questions for the Group's future
- Close cooperation with the client as a direct point of contact as well as a confidant
- Managing the project team in terms content and operative strategy as well as responsibility for the personal development of team members
- Project management, managing and coaching the subproject team
- Development of the department in terms of content and structure
- Employee recruitment, coaching and development (as a mentor, among other things)

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