Adriana Onet

"Seeing how our work is transforming mobility - that's what drives us!".

Adriana Onet is a software engineer and leads the development and support of the base layer of the Mercedes-Benz Operating System (MB.OS). As a team leader, she gives her colleagues room to work and grow. In her interview, she tells us how she digitizes the teams’ lunches and what she is most looking for to in her work.

Adriana, what do you do for MB.OS?

I am a team leader responsible for base layer development at MB.OS. This is a complex and outstanding system because, as the base lsoftware level, it enables the operating system to communicate with the control units in the vehicle - for example, for the power train, the multimedia system or the doors. The individual functions must be integrated very precisely. Therefore, a lot of know-how and teamwork is are required for the development. We are a completely new team, and it is important to me that all colleagues feel comfortable from the very beginning. That is why everyone, who starts with us, has a mentor at their side for the first few weeks. To facilitate onboarding, we also have our internal wiki and chats where we share questions and ideas.

Programming with precision: Adriana Onet leads the development of the complex base layer software for MB.OS. Here, know-how and timing are also very important.

In your opinion, what makes MB.OS so unique?

It is incredibly future-oriented. And with MB.OS, we are picking up on the platform concept that is widely used in the digital world. We will have one platform, one fundamental software system. This saves a lot of development time and creates freedom that everyone can use for innovations to inspire our customers.

Always an open ear: As a team leader, communication is important to Adriana Onet - programming challenges can often be solved better in exchange.

How do you work as a team?

I have 20 years of experience in software development. This gives me an eye for what my team members need to develop to their fullest potential. I give my colleagues the space to solve problems in their own way. Complex challenges in particular can often be solved better by working together. That is why we software developers love working with concepts like swarm intelligence. The feeling of togetherness and the exchange of ideas are also important for successful collaboration. Creative breaks are a must (laughs) - this also includes taking everyone to lunch. . And since we cannot all be in Sindelfingen right now, we simply digitized our teams’ lunch, so that our team members who work remotely from home can also join us.

Why did you choose Mercedes-Benz?

After studying Computer Science I started working as a software developer at an automotive supplier, and I have been fascinated with cars ever since. At Mercedes-Benz we always keep pace with the times and have very high standards of quality. And the feeling of seeing the fruits of your work labor driving on the road is indescribable – that is certainly one reason why I love working here.

Finally, a look into the future: What next steps at MB.OS are you most looking forward to?

The practical testing phase. We test our software extensively in the lab. Soon we will see how real prototype vehicles perform with our base layer. This live testing is essential - and it is a lot of fun.

After graduating in Computer Science from the Polytechnic University of Timisoara in Romania, Adriana Onet (44) began her career in software development and project management at various automotive suppliers before joining Mercedes-Benz in 2015. When she is not working with her colleagues on the complex components of MB.OS, she spends a lot of time with her family and relaxes with photography and on her bike.