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Our colleagues share their personal "stories of becoming".

Over the course of our lives, we are constantly evolving by growing beyond ourselves through changes and challenges. In this process, we learn new things, both professionally and personally - and that's what allows us to be the best version of our future selves.

In our video series, five colleagues from around the world take us with them as they embark on a new start – their individual Becoming…-Story. We learn what thoughts and emotions accompany them in this personal and professional change.

Life is always about becoming… what are you becoming?

“My story of becoming what I always dreamed of.”

Fernando's journey with Mercedes-Benz began in Spain and took him first to Germany and then to Canada, before he finally moved with his family to the US. He recently took up a new position there as a team leader and tells us in his video how his dream became reality.

“My story of becoming a leader.”

Shibei tells us how she sees change as a part of life and takes us along to the start of her new role as a manager. After multiple roles at Mercedes-Benz in China, she is now leading her team.

“My story of becoming a part of Mercedes-Benz.”

After studying industrial engineering, Gabriel moved to Stuttgart to start his career with Mercedes-Benz. He gives us an exclusive insight into his very first, action-packed working day.

“My story of becoming a new version of myself.”

Katharina takes us on her journey of becoming a new version of herself. The IT product owner is going to spend the next three years living and working abroad. She is looking forward to embarking on a new phase of her life with lots of exciting experiences.

“My story of becoming a person balancing diverse roles.”

Shruthi is returning to work at Mercedes-Benz Research and Development India in Bangalore after her parental leave. At her start, she tells us how she balances her private and professional life.