International perspectives and a global mindset

142 nations, one team.

Mercedes-Benz is an international company. The coexistence of different nationalities in the workplace is part of our everyday life. Around 166,000 people from 142 nations have a common goal: to build the world’s most desirable cars for a sustainable future.

Internationality is a strategic field of action in our diversity & inclusion management. This is because the cultural diversity of our workforce and local market knowledge and expertise help us understand and get closer to the needs and wishes of our customers, which supports us in offering better products and services. It is about creating the ultimate experience for our customers, wherever they are in the world.

Just like our customers are found all over the world, our teams are based in various locations and work together on a daily basis to collaborate and co-create to achieve our business goals. A noteworthy example of this is our software engineers, jointly developing software for our vehicles across six countries.

We want to bring together different perspectives at all hierarchical levels. That is why we promote intercultural competence in our workforce and focus on targeted recruiting. For example, since the start of the programme, 40 % of the recruitments through our leadership development programme Inspire – the Leaders' Lab – have been international candidates. In addition, we believe in international assignments for our employees: Think globally, develop personally, get to know new cultures and working environments – this opportunity is offered to our employees in foreign assignments all over the world.

This article was last updated in February 2024.