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Mercedes-Benz Group AG resolves share buyback programme.

February 16, 2023 – Today, the Board of Management and the Supervisory Board of Mercedes-Benz Group AG have resolved to conduct a share buyback programme.

Beginning March 2023, own shares worth up to EUR 4 billion (not including incidental costs) are intended to be acquired on the stock exchange over a period of up to two years and shall subsequently be cancelled. The share buyback programme will be based on the authorization by the Annual General Meeting of Mercedes-Benz Group AG on July 8, 2020, authorizing the Board of Management to acquire, with the approval of the Supervisory Board, own shares up to a maximum of ten percent of the share capital until July 7, 2025.

Mercedes-Benz Group AG has separately agreed with its shareholders Beijing Automotive Group Co Ltd (BAIC) and Geely Group that they will each keep their shareholdings in Mercedes-Benz Group AG below ten percent by divesting their shares on a pro-rata basis concurrently with the share buyback.