Silver Arrow Korea 2020-1.

Overview USA Germany Canada China United Kingdom Italy Australia Korea Japan Netherlands
Deal Size KRW 507,142,746,769
Closing Date August 11, 2020
Tranching Class A Class B
Notes Balance KRW 394,000,000,000 No face value
Weighted Average Spread Benchmark rate + 0.25% -
Weighted Average Life 1.43 -
Final Scheduled Payment Date February, 2023 February, 2023
Payment Date 11th of each month, or, if the 11th day is not a business day, the next succeeding business day
Rating (KR/KIS) AAA / AAA N.R.
ISIN 1-1 KR6361641A87
1-2 KR6361642A86
1-3 KR6361643A85
1-4 KR6361644A84
1-5 KR6361645A83
1-6 KR6361646A82
1-7 KR6361647A81
1-8 KR6361648A80
1-9 KR6361649A89
1-10 KR636164AA87
1-11 KR636164BA86
1-12 KR636164CA85
1-13 KR636164DA84
1-14 KR636164EA83
1-15 KR636164FA82
1-16 KR636164GA81
1-17 KR636164HA80
1-18 KR636164JA88
1-19 KR636164KA85
1-20 KR636164LA84
1-21 KR636164MA83
1-22 KR636164NA82
1-23 KR636164PA80
1-24 KR636164QA89
1-25 KR636164RA88
1-26 KR636164SA87

Monthly Reports:
Please contact or for the trustee reports.
Deal Documents:
Kindly find the offering circular
in DART .

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