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Monthly sales.

Below, please find here the monthly wholesale figures for Mercedes-Benz passenger cars, smart and Mercedes-Benz Vans.

Mercedes-Benz passenger cars

  2023 2022 Change 2023/2022
December   180,372  
November   180,146  
October   169,075  
September   192,743  
August   161,074  
July   174,708  
June   183,301  
May   160,910  
April   136,878  
March   174,502  
February   148,703  
January 143,619 157,594 -8.9%


  2023 2022 Change 2023/2022
December   2,667  
November   2,183  
October   1,553  
September   1,147  
August   289  
July   453  
June   1,491  
May   2,245  
April   2,291  
March   2,727  
February   2,020  
January 1,249 1,462 -14.6%

Mercedes-Benz Vans

  2023 2022 Change 2023/2022
December   48,087  
November   38,581  
October   36,065  
September   37,159  
August   32,063  
July   34,756  
June   39,251  
May   33,703  
April   27,171  
March   33,697  
February   27,131  
January 22,054 27,680 -20.3%


"Sales" figures, or "unit sales", published here every month and quarterly in the interim reports or the annual report are wholesale figures, i.e. the vehicles were sold to independent dealers and the Mercedes-Benz Group (or a local Mercedes-Benz Group subsidiary) generated revenue from this sale. Wholesale sales generate revenue because the vehicles with these deliveries leave the scope of consolidation of the Mercedes-Benz Group. When the Mercedes-Benz Group sells a product directly to the end customer, the sale is both a wholesale sale and a retail sale. From the point of view of the profitability analysis to be booked at Mercedes-Benz, it is relevant how many vehicles the Mercedes-Benz Group has sold to dealers and under what conditions, but not how many vehicles the dealers have sold to end customers and under what conditions.

"Retail sales” figures, which the company publishes quarterly, are sales to end customers, i.e. sales from an independent dealer to an end customer. They do not directly generate revenue for the Mercedes-Benz Group. These sales figures are comparable to the retail sales figures reported by our competitors.