Science and technology.

Identify, assess, implement

Science and technology.

The way you see the future usually depends on what you look at. That’s why it’s important to exchange ideas with experts whose perspective differs from that of your own company or organization. In the Daimler Research Talks, Mercedes-Benz teams up with selected researchers / technology developers to look beyond current projects and into the future.

Cross-industry Research Talks

Cross-industry Research Talks.

We use these Research Talks with leading scientists and scholars from universities and research institutes to identify key future issues relating to technology.

The joint discussions on technologies and their implementation create transparency and enhance our efficiency. Participants are able to identify the opportunities and risks associated with future topics more easily, and can then address their own projects in a more targeted manner.

Technology roadmapping: Annual plan for the future

Technology roadmapping.

Our ten-year outlooks help us predict interesting and important technological developments. These overviews are created with the help of internal and external experts and assessed and adjusted on the basis of actual developments. Among other things, they give us the confidence of knowing that we’re looking in the right direction in our ongoing search for innovations, and they also enable us to identify areas where we need to take action.

Technology assessment: Plunging into the future

Technology assessment.

We use deep dives to immerse ourselves in selected technologies and identify challenges, solution approaches, competitor activities, and legal issues. All of this helps support our advanced engineering and series production units. We also assess our own technology readiness level (TRL) by asking ourselves questions such as: How capable are we of actually utilizing a certain technology?