PIONEERING. In-Car Gaming.

Immersive Gaming.

In the context of the autonomous driving of the future, gaming could become an essential component of the vehicle’s interior. We’re opening the way for the transformation of entertainment inside vehicles — from the passive to the interactive mode. Our development process already actively includes the passengers of the future.

The games sector is a rapidly growing market. Numerous conventions, eSports tournaments with valuable prizes, and an audience of millions impressively testify to its significance day after day. Times are also changing in the automotive sector. In the transitional phase we are in at the moment, we are addressing trends such as autonomous driving. As we pursue its technological development, we always have a certain question in mind: What does it mean for the people who will be using these vehicles? How can they optimally use the time they’ve gained and pursue their individual interests while riding in the vehicle? What social trends are playing a role here?

Our technology scouting has produced a possible answer: gaming. Gaming and vehicles — this is where two exciting worlds meet, and where social interactions are taking place in real time. And we’ve been part of this development from the very start! In our innovation workshop we’ve already held a series of ideation workshops. This, in cooperation with gaming experts and professional players in the eSports scene, has led to the creation of ideas and use cases that reflect the whole range of products for immersive gaming inside vehicles. We are currently working on their further development.

Now we want to go one step further. We invite you to participate in our In-Car Gaming Challenge ! If you…

  • yourself would like to contribute to use cases of how gaming inside vehicles will be realized,
  • or if you have ideas about what gaming in cars or buses or on a smartphone app could look like,

apply to participate in our In-Car Gaming Challenge and help to shape our gaming offers from the very start! The winners will take home attractive prizes. We look forward to receiving your applications !

By “immersive gaming,” we mean having a real “journey for all the senses.” Thanks to new technologies in the form of actuators and sensors in the vehicle interior, we become part of the game ourselves. In short, we can not only hear and see what we’re playing but also genuinely EXPERIENCE every individual second of the action: strong gusts of wind, gentle sea breezes, a thrilling drive along Mount Everest in competition with other players, or a pleasant boat ride along a Venetian canal. Immersive gaming offers moments that give you goosebumps long after the game is over!

You can get a foretaste of what immersive gaming could feel like by taking a look at our trailer.