Foretaste of the New S-Class: the Next Generation of the MBUX

July 08, 2020 - Mercedes-Benz will present the next generation of the S-Class in the fall. At today's virtual Annual Meeting, shareholders were already given a small taste of the new flagship, and more specifically of the next generation of the MBUX multimedia system.

When MBUX was unveiled two and a half years ago, its smart voice control, artificial intelligence and intuitive operation brought about a revolution in the car cockpit. Now, the next stage of development has been reached.

CEO Ola Källenius provided shareholders with an exclusive peek during Daimler AG's virtual Annual Meeting. "We are revolutionizing our MBUX with new and enhanced functions. We are breaking completely new ground in terms of the system's performance, capacity to learn, design and customization."

Thus, all vehicle occupants will be able to use MBUX in the future. Each seat will have its own microphone for communication, and the system will recognize the different occupants based on their voices. In addition, four different styles make the multimedia system even more customizable, and turn it into an element of the interior design.

The core of the system is a large OLED (Organic Light Emitting Display) touch screen between the driver and the passenger. The display not only provides haptic feedback, but also recognizes at an early stage the menu items to be selected, which are enlarged and slanted toward the user.


The interaction between the driver assistance and infotainment systems also improves safety. For example: Environment detection is becoming even more detailed in the new S-Class. With the new MBUX, the car not only detects that another vehicle is approaching, but also identifies the kind of vehicle. The screen shows whether it is a motorcycle, car or truck.

The new navigation system blends the virtual and real worlds. Direction arrows are shown in the head-up display, keeping the driver's gaze on the road where it belongs. Augmented reality also makes the route directions more precise and understandable than ever before.


The new Mercedes-Benz S-Class and the next generation of MBUX are celebrating their global debut in the fall of 2020.

In the new "Meet the S-Class Digital" format, Chief Designer Gorden Wagener and Sajjad Khan, member of the Mercedes-Benz Board of Management responsible for CASE, provide in-depth insights into the new MBUX. (Note: This video is only available in English.