Intellectual Property

Intellectual property is an asset whose protection and management should be a top priority for a company.

At RD/RI, we accompany the process from invention to filing to patent.

Close cooperation with the inventors is a central aspect of our work. With each patent application, we make a contribution to ensuring freedom of action for the Mercedes-Benz Group and exclusivity for our products. The associated development of a portfolio of intellectual property rights and its defence against third parties is therefore an everyday task for us. You have to be able to name what you have designed - be it a technical feature, a service, an entire vehicle or a small accessory. And if possible with a name that belongs only to us and which must not simply take over the third party.

These include not only the Mercedes-Benz star and our famous brand "Mercedes-Benz": Every day, new products are developed throughout the Group that deserve their own name. We ensure that these names and logos are protected by trademark law.

Above all, however, we check whether there are already third-party rights that prevent us from using a new brand name. Because what we like, has often liked someone else. We support the departments of all divisions and subsidiaries of Mercedes-Benz Group AG in the development of a naming strategy and take care that the "Freedom to Operate" is guaranteed.

We help to create brand worlds that make it easy for the customer to identify with our products: Mercedes-Benz Group AG brands are among the most valuable brands in the world.