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74, Rue de Merl
2146 Luxembourg

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74, Rue de Merl
2146 Luxembourg

The company was incorporated on September 8, 1994 as a Société Anonyme under Luxembourg law under the name "debis Re Insurance S.A." As from April 9, 2008, the name of the company is „Daimler Re Insurance S.A. Luxembourg“ and was changed to Mercedes-Benz Reinsurance S.A. Luxembourg on June, )th 2022. The company is a 100% subsidiary of Mercedes-Benz Insurance Services GmbH located in Stuttgart, Germany. Our objective is all business in the field of reinsurance and its related branches including management of a reinsurance company. Direct insurance is not part of the companies activities. The company reinsures retail business (Motor Insurance, Extended Warranty, Payment Protection Insurance, Asset Protection (GAP/RTI)), road side assistance and marine for non-group importers.

The company has an annual premium volume of € 80 mil and significantly contributes to the global insurance profits of Mercedes-Benz Group.

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