Actively shaping equal opportunities.

We want equal opportunities and fair treatment based on mutual respect. All employees should be able to contribute with their personality, skills and perspectives on an equal footing.

One strategic area of action for our Diversity & Inclusion Management is the active shaping of equal opportunities. Our focus is to ensure equal opportunities for all employees and to promote a corporate culture that respects, appreciates and supports all individuals. In order to review and track our progress, we regularly ask our employees about this as part of our Employee Survey. Diversity & Inclusion is also part of our management training. Online training schemes also help our employees to find effective methods to counter possible prejudices.

The annual Mercedes-Benz Diversity Day

The Mercedes-Benz Diversity Day has been held at numerous locations for many years. The annual event is about creating awareness for leadership and employees to consciously experience diversity, adopt new perspectives and understand that all employees of the Mercedes-Benz Group benefit from Diversity & Inclusion Management.

Employees living with disabilities

Employees with disabilities are an important part of many teams at the Mercedes-Benz Group. The employment of people with disabilities has been based on an inclusion agreement since 2002. The aim is to ensure integration of people living with disabilities into our workforce to ensure equal participation and contribution. Further opportunity to create and maintain jobs, lies in the opportunity of Industry 4.0 and digitisation. Incidentally, the training of young people living with disabilities is of particular importance at Mercedes-Benz. By joining the global initiative The Valuable 500 in 2020, we committed ourselves to promoting an enabling and inclusive work environment and to support social inclusion

Against racism

Mercedes-Benz stands for respect, fairness and humanity. On the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination the company once again makes it loud and clear that racism and hatred have no place in society or at Mercedes-Benz:

Committed with heart and soul: Our employee networks

Voluntary Business Resource Groups (BRG) make diversity and inclusion in the company additionally visible. In addition to various women's networks, these include e.g. the TEN - Turkish Employee Network of Mercedes-Benz, which has existed since 1992. This network is the oldest and largest globally active employee network in the German industrial landscape. There are also several cultural BRG’s e.g., an Arab and a Chinese network to build bridges between the cultures. Further examples are a Diversity BRG for professional networking within the production workspace, as well as various LGBTIQ+ networks that advocate understanding and acceptance of gender identity and sexual orientation within the work context.

This article was last updated in February 2024.