As a company founded by engineers, we believe technology can also help to engineer a better future. Our way to sustainable mobility is innovation – in a holistic approach along the entire value chain.

MBUX Hyperscreen.

The MBUX Hyperscreen.

The big in-car cinema.

The driving character of a Mercedes-Benz.

The driving character of a Mercedes-Benz.

A look behind the scenes at Mercedes-Benz Handling Development.

Mercedes-Benz driving simulator system.

Simulators of today and tomorrow.

The moving driving simulator at the Mercedes-Benz Technology Center (MTC) in Sindelfingen is one of the most powerful systems in the automotive industry.

Test and Technology Center in Immendingen: Consolidation of worldwide vehicle testing in one location.

Immendingen Test Center.

Where Mercedes-Benz works on the mobility of the future.

Above and beyond the legal requirements: An EQA and an EQS SUV collided head-on with a 50 percent overlap in a real-life accident scenario, each travelling at 56 km/h.


Mercedes-Benz is regarded as the inventor of modern vehicle safety – and remains a pioneer in the field to this day.

Intelligent Park Pilot 2022.

Parking technologies.

Innovative parking solutions.