The Mercedes-Benz GLC F-Cell.

Sustainable mobility requires a holistic approach

Fact 8.

In the current debate, there are constant demands for solutions that intelligently combine the various means of transport.

We agree wholeheartedly. We are actively furthering this inter-connection with the multi-modal mobility platform REACH NOW, which we offer together with BMW Group: By using the apps, REACH NOW customers can be shown the fastest way to their destination, book directly and change seamlessly between means of transport such as local public transport, rental bikes and car sharing. The apps are used by over 7.5 million customers in 22 cities.

Holistic concepts are also needed in freight transport. Today, one quarter of all truck journeys in Europe still take place with too little or no freight on board. We want to improve this – in the interests of our customers and the environment. More than 300 colleagues at Daimler are working on digital solutions for commercial vehicle fleets. One example is the networking of electric truck fleets. To this end, we link the telematics with the control unit of the electric powertrain, so that no e-truck is required to do too much or too little with respect to operating range.

In line with our market share, we participate in the mobility fund jointly called into being by politics and industry. The aim of this is, e.g. to finance measures leading to an improved traffic flow in city centres. A number of studies have shown the potential that exists here. For example, measurements by the Technical University of Munich show that merely by improving traffic light management, NOx emissions already could be reduced by over 25 percent.