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Important information about the Mercedes-Benz Pensioner Portal: On July 31, 2023, the pensioner portal has been shut down. In the future, you will find the relevant information and offers as well as contact addresses directly here on this page. Thank you for your understanding.

Are you in passive partial retirement, early retirement, retirement or parental leave and would like to stay in touch with us? Below you will find a compilation of the most important websites, online services and contact addresses of Mercedes-Benz Group AG.

In order to use the Services, you must first create a user account. Instructions on how to do this can be found below.

In order to be able to access the service offers as a pensioner, in passive partial retirement, in early retirement, with a re-employment commitment or a resignation, you must activate a user account. To do this, click on the following link: Activate user account 

Instructions for activation can be found here.

All active employees access the services without registering.

Change your e-mail address

Would you like to change the e-mail address for an existing account? Please open the following link . In the menu item Password > Settings, you can enter a new e-mail address for an existing account.

Would you like to get an overview of the current status of your company pension scheme? The following interactive portals are available for this purpose.

View my pension plan  : Here you will find a detailed overview of the company pension scheme promised directly by the employer. Information as well as downloads on the different care models and a simulation tool are available. There you can make direct enquiries about your company pension scheme.

My pension portal *): This portal provides you with a rough overview of your entire company pension scheme. In addition to the pension scheme promised directly by the employer, you will also find the pension scheme financed by external providers (e.g. deferred compensation). You can also choose from simulation options.

*) Access is only available to employees with an existing employment relationship.

Do you have any questions? Then we have provided you here with all the important contacts for company pension schemes, partial retirement and the pension service. In addition, relatives can find assistance there to clarify matters in the event of the death of (former) employees.

Employee shares have a long tradition at the Mercedes-Benz Group. Access to the employee share portal as part of an employee share campaign can be found here .

General information on Mercedes-Benz shares can be found here on the Mercedes-Benz Group AG website. In the investor portal , you will also find all relevant documents in preparation for the Annual General Meeting.

As an active or former employee, you can benefit from many discounts and benefits at Mercedes-Benz.

Vehicles with exclusive conditions can be found at Mercedes-Benz Members  (formerly Company affiliate business).

The Mercedes-Benz online shop  offers you a wide range of products from the world of Mercedes-Benz. In addition to high-quality lifestyle accessories, you will also find everything for your vehicle here. As a (former) employee of Mercedes-Benz Group AG, you can enjoy attractive price advantages. To do this, you can simply register once on our online shop page here  and the shopping pleasure can begin.

In the employee offers & classifieds , further attractive discounts and offers from participating providers await you. Here you can also place a classified ad yourself via a separate area.

For employees and for employees in the leave phase (e.g. Parental leave): Keep up to date with current company topics and personnel issues via Mercedes-Benz's internal social intranet . Here you will also find information on the subject of the anniversary  (in German only). Please note that a company computer and a VPN connection are required for the social intranet.

For all those who are looking for a new job at the Mercedes-Benz Group, the job exchange  is waiting for you with many attractive job offers.

As a company health insurance company, Mercedes-Benz BKK offers you a wide range of insurance services. Find out more here .

Keep moving with the sports on offer at SG Stern .

Do you like listening to music and going to concerts in your free time? Then drop by the Daimler Musikgemeinschaft e.V.  Here you also have the opportunity to get involved in music yourself.

If you have problems activating your user account, please contact the Corporate UserHelpDesk (CUHD):

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