With the Actros safe through the city.

Munster – Andy Babinsky has already been driving trucks for freight forwarder Spedition Peterburs for 16 years. The company based in Rheda-Wiedenbrück provides its customers support with crane and transport services.

Andy is on the road every day with his Actros with Sideguard Assist. Frequently his runs take him through the city centre of Munster, which is always a special challenge for him. The university town is known for its large numbers of bicyclists. This is where Sideguard Assist is a huge help, because it detects bicyclists and pedestrians already in due time. It warns the driver with a small yellow lamp when there are people in the area he can't clearly see when he is turning right. If a collision threatens, the colour of the warning lamp changes to red and the system emits an audible warning in addition.

Nonetheless, the family man worries about his own children, when they are out and about on their bikes. As a trucker, he knows exactly how dangerous the traffic on the road can be. "It is all the more important that Sideguard Assist is now available for trucks", Andy thinks.

Andy Babinsky about his experience with the Sideguard Assist.

The company has a total of 55 Actros trucks on the road, with the first of them being equipped with Sideguard Assist since very recently. In addition to good drivers, Jürgen Peterburs wants an equally good vehicle with the greatest possible level of safety. "And that happens to be the Actros at present, especially with its safety package or more specifically its Sideguard Assist", says the freight forwarder. In addition to Sideguard Assist, which warns the driver of people next to his truck, the vehicles are also equipped with Active Brake Assist 4 . This safety system enables partial braking for moving pedestrians in front of the vehicle and can thus help to mitigate accidents or prevent them entirely.

Mercedes-Benz Trucks presented the prototype of Sideguard Assist back in 2014. The system has been on the market since 2016 and these days is being installed in about one out of every three new Actros and Antos trucks bought in Germany. Mercedes-Benz Trucks is the only manufacturer currently to offer such a radar-based safety assistance system in Sideguard Assist. The radar sensor module monitors the entire area on the right side of the vehicle, including the trailer. The warning zone covers the entire length of the combination and is 3.75 meters wide. Sideguard Assist represents significantly improved protection for the most vulnerable road users. The system helps drivers turning right to prevent collisions with bicyclists, pedestrians or stationary obstacles such as traffic lights, road signs or lampposts by providing early warnings and thereby giving them more time to brake in good time. Sideguard Assist is available for the Actros, Antos and Arocs model series and since very recently also for the Econic, for the Mercedes-Benz Tourismo and for Setra touring coaches.