For the youth group of the Esslingen Mountain Patrol

New rescue gear.

ProCent supports the youth group of the Esslingen Mountain Patrol with new gear. A new stretcher for mountain rescue, a rescue bag and a vacuum mattress are the basis of any qualified rescue mission – in summer as in winter.

Be it injured mountain bikers or skiers, hikers who suffered an unfortunate fall, lost climbers or even forest workers who had an accident, whenever someone needs to be rescued in rough terrain, the Mountain Patrol is involved. In addition, Mountain Patrols in Baden-Württemberg assist in civil protection as well as in emergency services. Mountain Patrols are also integrated into the rescue network of the German Red Cross. The men and women of the Mountain Patrol are not only able to initiate emergency measures at the site of the accident and the rescue of the persons suffering the accident from the terrain, but also can provide qualified aid in medical emergencies.

The young rescuers

The volunteer training within the Mountain Patrol is highly diverse. Doing good and getting valuable experiences are one thing, becoming socially involved voluntarily is another. Some helpers of the Esslingen youth group also apply what they learn in their school, for example, as school paramedics or responsible conservationists.

Some of the youths discovered their passion for the Mountain Patrol while climbing or skiing. Others because they themselves were rescued or treated before by a Mountain Patrol member following an alpine accident. Yet others came to the Mountain Patrol from nature conservation and animal welfare, because caves such as the Falkenstein and Gutenberg caves as well as popular climbing rocks are part of the operational area of the Esslingen Mountain Patrol. The objective is not only rescuing or recovering people, but also monitoring closures, which the Mountain Patrol helps to look after – for example, during breeding seasons or in unsuitable weather conditions.

Training for mountain enthusiasts

Children and youths start at the Esslingen Mountain Patrol at the age of 12, when they can join the youth group. Regular climbing training - with and also without ropes, emergency medical specialist knowledge and knowledge of nature conservation and animal welfare are part of the training regimen.

Very popular are the monthly log cabin weekends right there in the rescue station near Ochsenwang in the Swabian Jura. Here in the direct vicinity of their local mountains, the youths apply their acquired knowledge of Alpine rescue techniques in training exercises and provide aid in emergencies. Being active as a group, experiencing nature together from up close, taking responsibility – that creates a bond.

A mountain rescue stretcher is indispensable in order to be able to treat patients or rescue them carefully from largely rough terrain. Most of the times the helpers additionally need a rescue bag if it turns out they are able to rescue patients by helicopter after all, and a vacuum mattress. After successful years of training, the old mountain rescue stretcher of the youth group of the Esslingen Mountain Patrol has served its purpose and must be replaced.

Daimler ProCent supports the purchase of a new mountain rescue stretcher with a subsidy in the amount of EUR 4,500.00. In addition, the youths are happy about a helicopter rescue bag, a rotary damper, several protective safety masks and a new vacuum mattress.

If you need the assistance of the Mountain Patrol, please call the Rescue Coordination Center at phone number 112 throughout Europe. The Rescue Coordination Center will alert all required help from specialist rescue services such as the Mountain Patrol to the emergency physician.