Taking responsibility together

Daimler ProCent.

Small Amount - big effect: When the idea of ProCent was first put forward in 2011, no-one would have believed how successful it would become. Since then, EUR 8,45 million have been approved to currently 1.410 projects, with more constantly being added - which means more smiling children's eyes, more happy faces and more helping hands. The amount donated to each project ranges from EUR 250 to EUR 57,000.

Daimler ProCent shows that a lot can be achieved with a large number of small contributions. Daimler employees voluntarily donate the cent amounts of their net monthly salaries. The company matches each donated cent with another cent and thus doubles the total amount. The proceeds are used for charitable projects in Germany and abroad, which are proposed exclusively by the workforce. The projects promoted are mainly in the fields of supporting children and young people, charitable work, support for the disabled and conserving nature and the environment.

The ProCent Support fund is based on an idea of the Works Council, which is supported and promoted by the company's Management and the Central Executive Committee as a pillar of Daimler social commitment.