Genius is presenting an open exhibition at the researcher fabric in Schorndorf

Genius – The young knowledge community.

We are convinced that education is a solid investment in the organization.

We believe that holistic learning and sustainable education are about more than just classroom lessons. This is why the Genius offering is rounded off by numerous projects such as a children's university, different exhibitions for children to join in or guided tours of the plant for children. In addition there are lots of specialist articles and videos about technology on the Genius website, see link

Numerous studies indicate a declining interest in technical subjects among children and young people today and forecast an increasing lack of STEM human resources (STEM = science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). To counter this trend Genius from Mercedes-Benz opens up exciting and easy access to STEM education – a solid investment in the future of Germany as a center of technology.

Genius - specific teaching material on design, aerodynamics, digital networks and production technique and a lot more.

In an expert team consisting of teachers, technical education experts and Mercedes-Benz engineers and in cooperation with the publisher Klett, Genius develops specific teaching materials for STEM relating to vehicle technologies. Focus topics here are drive technology, safety technology, design, aerodynamics and production technology and connected world.

Input for technology lessons

With Genius, Daimler passes on its expertise in the area of vehicle technologies and provides fresh ideas for the practice-based teaching of technical subjects.

Supplementing the teaching materials Genius offers technical training for teachers. In presentations and practical workshops primary school teachers and lower secondary school teachers are informed about current vehicle development and the use of teaching materials and can interact with experts and colleagues.

Using exhibitions and workshops, Genius fuels curiosity in the natural sciences and technology and fosters creativity and innovation.

The Genius offering for schools is rounded off by extracurricular learning facilities. Supplementing lessons, teachers can use knowledge rallies or technical workshops to offer their students exciting access to STEM. In this way schools benefit from topical and practical lessons. The cooperation better prepares students for their later careers.