MoKi - the mascot of the MobileKids initative.

Fit for traffic together!


All over the world children are among the road users most at risk and requiring protection.

For exactly 20 years now, the road safety initiative MobileKids has been training boys and girls between the ages of six and ten to behave safely in road traffic.

To achieve this aim, MobileKids makes free, non-advertising school material  available to teachers, which has been developed together with the University of Koblenz-Landau and the publishing house Klett MINT. Teachers are able to use this material as backup for their road safety classes.

The school journey planner  as part of this initiative is a useful module for kids, and leads to more safety on the way to and from school.

To foster traffic and mobility education in primary schools, there is also an annual, nationwide schools competition, the MobileKids schools campaign . The winning classes in this MobileKids competition receive an exciting road safety training course.

MobileKids worldwide

In many countries around the globe, MobileKids offers both teaching materials for traffic education in the respective national language and individual activities to raise children's awareness of the challenges of traffic. Countries in which teachers use MobileKids school material for their lessons include Brazil, China, France, Hungary, India, Malaysia, Mexico, Poland, Romania, Russia, South Korea and Turkey.

In Russia, Hungary and Poland, children are also able to drive small cars and practice observing road signs in traffic safety parks. In China the kids directly translate the knowledge they have gained in their school lessons into practice in permanently established parks known as "Moki Cities". These are located in the capital Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Chengdu.

You can find further information at the MobileKids  Homepage. On the occasion of the anniversary year, there is something new to discover here every month. In particular, the e-learning offer  is continuously being expanded - for example, getting to know traffic signs or the right behavior on the way to school.