Mercedes-Benz Voices.

Mercedes-Benz Voices: Here the stage belongs to our employees.

Direct, authentic, touching! That's Mercedes-Benz Voices. The name says it all: Employees from our company have something to tell. They lend their voice to their story and show how diverse Mercedes-Benz is. Personal experiences from the everyday lives of individuals become an impulse and food for thought for many.

Knut Kircher: It’s the human touch that matters

As a referee, Knut Kircher has refereed 381 games in the first and second Bundesliga. In 2016, he hung up the pipe after reaching the age limit. Even during his time as an impartialist, Kurt worked as a development engineer at Mercedes-Benz and now heads the Development, Body-in-White and Passive Safety department at Mercedes-AMG in Affalterbach. Let's let Knut tell us about the parallels between the football pitch and the workplace.

Video in German language. You can use the CC button to show English subtitles.

Valentin Novosel: Be yourself!

Our colleague Valentin Novosel has undergone a very personal transformation. And it has it all! What did he learn from it? Be yourself and stand by yourself. Only then can you deliver on the job. What did Valentine's transformation consist of? Let's let him tell it himself:

Valentin Novosel: Be yourself!

In this section, we would like to introduce other interesting people and stories - each as diverse and varied as our company.