BPO Reporting Form.

A fair whistleblower system is an important instrument for good corporate governance. It aids in quickly identifying violations of laws and internal regulations, investigating them without delay and to address proven misconduct. If left unaddressed, violations of laws and regulations can cause severe damage for the company, its employees and the general public.

If you have concrete indications of high risk violations, you can contact the Whistleblower System BPO (Business & People Protection Office) via the following reporting form.

In particular, violations posing a high risk to the company, its employees and other people include the following:

  • Corruption, anti-trust and money laundering offences
  • Theft, fraud and undue enrichment offences of significant scope or amount (over €100,000)
  • Severe injury to physical or mental well-being
  • Cases of sexual harassment, discrimination and racism
  • Criminal violations of data protection rules
  • Accounting and bookkeeping violations with a significant impact that can be detected externally
  • Severe violations in connection with engineering specifications and/or technical safety
  • Violations of human rights (e.g. violating the principles of the UN Global Compact)
  • Violations in connection with environmental regulations and/or environmental noncompliance of a product
  • Export control or sanctions violations
  • Severe violations of the integrity of the whistleblower system, for example, severe violation of whistleblower anonymity or reporting obligations
  • Other high risks, e.g. violations causing the company to suffer significant losses (over €100,000)
  • Violations that are likely to do severe harm to the company's reputation
  • Severe violations of the Group's internal agreements to the disadvantage of employees

The criteria for responsibility can vary based on local legal requirements. This review will be conducted after a report is received by the case managers of the whistleblower system.

Here you have the possibility of describing your suspicion of a major risk violation in greater detail. It is a good idea to provide contact details e.g. an e-mail address or telephone number in case there are any questions. Your information will be treated confidentially. However, you can also send your report to the BPO anonymously. If outside Germany, local legal requirements apply. Compliance with the local regulations will be checked by the BPO before processing a report.

Please note: If the tip-off does not meet BPO criteria, your entire report will be forwarded, after a comprehensive review, to the responsible unit (e.g. Human Relations, Corporate Security) at Mercedes-Benz Group for local investigation. Your information will be treated confidentially by those parties as well.

Please note that the Whistleblower System BPO may not process reports which do not contain concrete indications, due to legal reasons.

If you would like to supply us with further documents please send them by e-mail or by mail:

Mercedes-Benz Group AG
IL/CBP - Whistleblower System BPO (Business & People Protection Office)
HPC E703
Mercedesstrasse 120
70546 Stuttgart
E-Mail: bpo@mercedes-benz.com

Your reports help us in preventing damage for our company, employees and other people. Thank you for your assistance.

* mandatory