e-Service Mercedes-Benz.

e-service for Shareholders.

This online platform offers Mercedes-Benz shareholders many helpful features - at any time, from any device with an internet connection. More than 200,000 users have already registered.

To register, you will need your shareholder number and access number. You will find both on the back of your printed invitation to the Annual Meeting. Did you buy your shares after the last Annual Meeting, cannot find your invitation or have forgotten your password? The Mercedes-Benz Shareholder Service  will be pleased to assist you.

A current e-mail address that is linked to your account is a prerequisite for receiving information via the e-service. There, you can change your contact data and other settings any time.

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Functions for the Annual Meeting

If you want to be independent of mail delivery times, we recommend that you switch from letters to e-mails. You will then receive the invitation to the Annual Meeting much faster, relieve your mailbox and protect the environment at the same time.

To switch to e-mail delivery, please give your consent to e-mailing invitations for future annual meetings. Either directly when registering or later.

You can register for the virtual Annual Meeting.

You can cast you votes electronically by absentee voting or issue power of attorney and instructions to the company's proxy.

If your registration has been received by the registration deadline at the latest, you can use the e-service for shareholders to change or revoke your absentee votes or proxy and instructions to the company's proxies during the virtual Annual Meeting until the end of the voting on the agenda items.

Shareholders or their proxies registered for the Annual Meeting can send their questions to the company via the e-service for shareholders. The board of management decides, at its due discretion, which questions it will answer and how at the virtual annual meeting.

Shareholders who have exercised their voting rights personally or through proxy have the option from the beginning of the virtual Annual Meeting until its closure to lodge objection to the decisions of the Annual Meeting by electronic communication via the e-service for shareholders.

In oure-service, all shareholders registered in the share register can watch the virtual Annual Meetings via a live stream.

Do you have a question?

Answers and other helpful information are always available under Questions & Answers about the e-service . From Monday to Friday, the Mercedes-Benz Shareholder Service  is there to support you via phone or e-mail.

Contact North America

Daimler cooperates with American Stock Transfer & Trust Company as our transfer agent in the United States of America. We encourage our registered US shareholders to take advantage of the services provided by American Stock Transfer & Trust Company. If you hold your stocks through a broker, your administrator will be able to assist you.

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