The future drives electric. This is what electric mobility will bring

What is electric mobility and which advantages will it bring? What about the ranges of the vehicles? Basic knowledge on the subject of electric mobility at Daimler.

Convincing drive system

E-mobility is understood to be the use of vehicles that carry an energy storage unit with them and use an electric drive. Electric mobility focuses on the fulfillment of mobility requirements with regard to aspects of sustainability. For passenger cars, trucks, vans and buses, Daimler also offers corresponding product solutions which vary in terms of their degree of electrification.

Our electric vehicles offer high levels of efficiency, almost noiseless driving and an identical level of safety and space as conventionally driven vehicles. The reason for this is that thanks to the electric motor, the maximum torque is available from the start, enabling powerful acceleration and ensuring lots of driving fun. And this applies to all Daimler electric vehicles – today and in the future.

Joint developments:

Mercedes-Benz Cars

Daimler AG has been researching battery powered vehicles since the 1970s. With the ACCUMOTIVE subsidiary company, Daimler produces lithium-ion batteries which satisfy not only its own demanding requirements, but also the requirements of its customers with respect to innovative technologies, maximum service life, high levels of safety and environmental compatibility.

One of the most important reservations about electric cars: their range.

Did you know? A range of 100 km … is almost 3 times as much as a smart driver drives on average per day.
smart electric drive family

Once fully charged, the smart electric drive models offer a range of up to 160 km in the city according to the NEDC. In everyday life, the range that is available depends on various factors such as the way of driving, ambient temperature and the use of electrical consumers. In the calculation example we assume a range of 100 km. More than enough to drive around the whole day and not thinking about the battery.

Concept EQ

With the Concept EQ, Daimler is taking a look forward to the new vehicle generation: With two electric motors on the front and rear axles and a battery integrated into the vehicle floor, the Concept EQ embodies a powerful vehicle concept which in combination with the intelligent operating strategy of Mercedes-Benz achieves a range of up to 500 km.