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These days none of us can imagine our everyday life without motorised individual mobility. And it were the founding fathers of our company who made today’s mobility possible with their inventions more than 130 years ago.

In our online magazine we want to talk about who is behind this company today. About who the people are who are working to ensure that "the star" has an exciting future as well as a great past.

This is the place where we explain who we are and why we do what we do

We want to do three things in this magazine: firstly we want to deal in depth with topics which are of social, technological or strategic relevance. Secondly we want to show the many faces that Mercedes-Benz is made of. And thirdly we want to explain what this company does and why it does what it does. You could say: if our group.mercedes-benz.com website is like a daily Mercedes-Benz newspaper – then this magazine is the supplement for the weekend.

We are an editorial team of colleagues who work in Communications at Mercedes-Benz This message is especially important to us. Because we can only provide an authentic inside view of what moves us at Mercedes-Benz because we ourselves are part of this company. That is why clearly identifiable authors are behind every text that appears here. They want to use their text to contribute to the public discussion.

We want this magazine to be a place where we discuss in depth the complex issues that concern our industry and our society: in a clear language, with interesting protagonists and sometimes also with a wink of the eye.

We have no cause for concern that we will run out of material for this magazine. Because Mercedes-Benz has been writing history and driving the narrative for more than 130 years. This is the place where we tell these stories.


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