With the ambitious goals of our "Ambition 2039", we at Mercedes-Benz are clearly committed to climate-neutral mobility.

Our industry is currently transforming like never before in its history. As a manufacturer of passenger cars and vans, we want to create added value for all our stakeholders in an economically, ecologically and socially sustainable way.

ESG criteria are an important guideline for our actions within the company. However, a prerequisite for assuming this responsibility is that we are competitive and remain competitive in the long term.

We therefore support both, the German Supply Chain Duty Act and the EU’s objective to create basis for future common EU-wide due diligence rules.

As an internationally active company, equal opportunities, diversity, openness and respect are some of the fundamental convictions of Mercedes-Benz. We show this in the way in which we think, act and communicate. Wherever possible and appropriate, we use gender-neutral language. In principle, all the terms selected of course include all genders and identities.